This blog explores what it would take to redefine the good life to one that’s about feeling fully alive, engaged and creative, and connected to oneself, others, community and the natural world.

I’m an anthropologist, and this blog is coming on the heels of a long period of focused research into the relationship between happiness, play, health and well-being.  What started as some rather offbeat research questions, like whether or not there is a relationship between how much fun we have and how healthy we are, and whether the nature of fun has changed over the years, has turned into a serious exploration of the way in which our culture, our vision of the good life, and our daily activities contribute to – or undermine – our health and happiness.

With this project, I’m joining a growing chorus of voices that is driving a new conversation about what it takes to have a happy, healthy and meaningful life.  Flourish, Thrive, The Happiness Project, Last Child in the Woods, All Things Shining, A Whole New Mind, The Family Dinner, Eat, Pray, Love – these are but a handful of some of the wonderful new books that cross genres but pursue a central idea:  what constitutes a good life in the early 21st Century and how do we get it?

Along the way, I will share insights I’ve gathered through dozens of interviews, ethnography, and hundreds of hours of reading.  I welcome comments, feedback, fresh ideas, new ways of looking at the insights and above all, your own experiences with feeling healthy and happy, or not, and the impact those feelings have made in your personal and professional lives.


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